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The Faucet with Myq Kaplan

Jul 31, 2020

In today's pod-snack, Myq aims to make the shortest podcast that still has worthwhile meaning that can be gleaned.

He makes quick discoveries about noses, letters, & chipmunks, asks "What length of things do you like?" (feel free to answer in a 5-star review!), and respects your busy schedule.

Enjoy as quickly/fully as...

Jul 30, 2020

This time, Myq spends some time talking about quantities/qualities of things like time and timeless things. 

Example: comedies are shorter than dramas. Unless you add a punchline to a drama right at the end. Or all throughout it.

Myq also wonders how short the longest meaningful podcast could be, and discusses time,...

Jul 28, 2020

In this pod-meal, Myq tells stories about the experiences of his grandma, grandpa, and self with respect to movies (seeing them, making them, auditioning for them).

Animals discussed include lions and ostriches and rats, oh my!

Other animals discussed include free will, Free Willy, and Wilford Brimley.

Myq offers proof...

Jul 28, 2020

In tonight's pod-snack, enjoy the flavors of Myq's discussion of all kinds of capsules (space, time, and more!), genies (briefly), teleportation, messiahs, a fun joke for a French person (peut-ĂȘtre), a ME-ditation, questions for YOU, and the is-ness (and more?). Please enjoy as desired and possible. (But ONLY as...

Jul 26, 2020

Myq reveals the combination to his safe, a number of valuable thoughts about silence from a book on Quaker Wisdom that he read recently, and how he abbreviates "Samuel L. Jackson."

He shares some memorable quotes from his late grandmother like "I'm just happy to hear your voice and "I have to get back to my mahjong...