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The Faucet with Myq Kaplan

Mar 9, 2023

In today's pod-meal, the wonderful Liz Glazer once again joins Myq to discuss dentists, law professors, acting directors, and many other topics that are not people's jobs, like musical mnemonics!

We had a blast talking and YOU can have a blast listening! Blast off! Blast on! Blast away! Blast towards! Blast whichever...

Feb 25, 2023

In today's pod-meal, Myq and Liz cover (near-)infinite sets of three things, from bags and blankets to comic book characters, from TJ and Dave to James Corden, from books and scenes to life!, from earth and air to fire and water (bonus fourth element thrown in beyond the initial three! thanks for acting now!), from more...

Jan 7, 2023

In today's sumptuous pod-meal, Myq and Liz celebrate seven years of friendship by continuing to be friends and talking about all kinds of things like whether or not Liz is a comedian (she is), which one of the pair is a math minor (he is), who had a tumultuous ninth grade (they both did), who stole someone's wallet (no...

Dec 31, 2022

In today's multi-course pod-meal, Myq and Liz go through their wins and downs of 2022 and right now which is still part of 2022! They both keep meticulous records of their life experiences, and it shows! Feel free to listen to 10 minutes per month in 2023 and you'll finish up handily! We have a great time. Enjoy!

Nov 21, 2022

In today's pod-meal, Myq shares what's been going on in his life since his last extended pod-meal! Including all of his birth month! Seeing Paul Reiser! Going to therapy! Being in Denver! All kinds of things! Who knows what else is discussed? Answer: you, after you listen (and during)!

Thanks, friends!